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Private guided tour in St. Petersburg  is a comfortable way to effectively discover the city, not worrying about tickets, features of the Russian language and a variety of organizational issues. With the help of our experience and knowledge we will be able to customize your personalized tour, which will take into account your desires and make your travel to St. Petersburg amazing and unforgettable.

Private guide is a person who has the necessary for work accreditation of a professional guide. To receive the right to conduct private excursions to the Hermitage, Peterhof, the Catherine Palace etc, each guide is trained in this museum and passes the exam. There are a lot of professional guides in St. Petersburg, but only the best specialists who are madly in love with their city, work for us. Private guide accompanies you all the time of the tour – from pick up to drop off. He not only perfectly knows the history of the Hermitage, but with him even a walk from the hotel to the museum turns into an exciting tour.

Advantages of private guide services:

  • Freedom of movement – you do not need to wait or catch up with the group.
  • Comfort – you enjoy the sights, everything else is done by the guide.
  • The opportunity to ask the question at any time.
  • Skip-the-line-tickets – groups with an individual guide often have a separate entrance.
  • Feel yourself like a local – your groupe with a guide will easily merge with the crowd, visiting non-trivial objects such as local bars, restaurants, markets and churches – without attracting unnecessary attention, to see with your own eyes the life of these Petersburgers.

Of course, you can explore the city yourself and get a lot of emotions, but the results of your research with a private guide are multiplied by at least 10. In addition, if you wander around the city center yourself, you can not visit some places yourself anyway:

  • Local speakeasy bars
  • Non-touristy restaurants
  • Flea markets
  • Rooftops in the historical center
  • Unique staircase
  • Abandoned homesteads

And in some of them you risk getting lost and losing a lot of time:

  • Metro
  • Hermitage museum
  • Catherine Palace in Pushkin
  • Peterhof

We have collected a really interesting and diverse program of private excursions in St. Petersburg. Here you can find a tour to your taste – from the visit of classical museums like Faberge and the Hermitage to alternative tours such as bar tours, rooftop tours, exploring of abandoned palaces and manors.