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Enjoy Petersburg - your experienced guide in the history and culture of St. Petersburg. We live in a city of incredible beauty and rich history. It is an honor and a great responsibility to be guides to a world full of mysteries and greatness. And we try to match.

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Long queues in Catherine Palace

St. Petersburg is rightfully called the Cultural capital of Russia.
In his numerous museums and palaces you can get confused, but we propose to immerse yourself in his history and architecture together with your personal guide.

Please fasten your seat belts. We start.

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We are not limited to standard tours.
Here you can book a rooftop tour, excursion through unusual old courtyards and entrances and a tour of the best bars of St. Petersburg.

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Long queues in Catherine Palace

Catherine Palace in Tsarskoe Selo is a very popular attraction and the main reason of this popularity is the amber room, which has become a kind of a tourist mecca. During the second World War, the amber room was completely destroyed, and only a few …

Tourism in St. Petersburg

In 2017, St. Petersburg won the World Travel Awards in the nomination “Best European City Direction 2017”. And in 2018 it was visited in aggregate by more than 8 million tourists, which exceeds the number of residents. The FIFA 2018 Championship attracted even more attention …